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About The Clinique Dentaire des Caraïbes

At the Clinique Dentaire des Caraibes in SAINT MARTIN, we are committed to your health, your well-being and your aesthetics.

Docteur Michel Bonnet

Dr Michel Bonnet

Michel BONNET, Doctor of Dental Surgery, studied at the Faculty of Medicine in Toulouse and practiced as a private practitioner and in hospital at the Centre anticancéreux de l'hôpital la Grave in Toulouse.

After obtaining his equivalences in Canada, where he stayed for 12 years, he settled on the island of Saint-Martin, where he created the Caribbean Dental Office.

The Team

The mission of the Cabinet Dentaire des Caraïbes is to provide the most complete service possible in dental care, guaranteeing the maximum comfort and confidence to its patients.

The entire team is at your disposal to achieve this goal.


They receive you, inform you and listen to you to satisfy you.
They ensure the liaison with your practitioner.

Micheline Alvarade
Micheline AlvaradeReceptionist
Marie Lyne Bapin
Marie Lyne BapinReceptionist
Erika Joachim
Erika JoachimReceptionist

Dentists & Prosthetists

They put at your disposal their competence and their devotion to reassure you and satisfy you.

Dr Majda Himous
Dr Majda HimousOrthodontist
Dr Ciprian Tuca
Dr Ciprian TucaDentist
Dr Lucas Guien
Dr Lucas GuienDentist
Dr Sophie Marchand
Dr Sophie MarchandDental prosthesist
Dr Michel Bonnet
Dr Michel BonnetDentist
Dr Jean-Luc Guien
Dr Jean-Luc GuienDentist
Bruce Gesbert
Bruce GesbertDental prosthesist
Dr Ana Diordea
Dr Ana DiordeaDentist

Dental Assistants

Their role is very important because they are in charge of the aseptic and cleanliness of the work areas.
They reassure you, mother you and assist the dentist in the chair to facilitate their task and thus improve your comfort.

Sabrina Simmon
Sabrina SimmonDental assistant
Melissa Camiul
Melissa CamiulDental assistant
Franschesca Tinales
Franschesca TinalesDental assistant
Yannick Austin
Yannick AustinChief dental assistant


In charge of the operation of CDC, they see to the supply, to the good understanding of the personnel and assure the liaison with the social security and the mutual insurance companies in order to facilitate the steps of the patients.

Véronique Bonnet
Véronique BonnetExecutive secretary
Peterson Meus
Peterson MeusAccountancy

The Caribbean Dental Office in pictures...

Used technologies

Dental Prosthesis

Equipped with a prosthesis laboratory, we create your dental prosthesis ourselves, ensuring a quick intervention and a perfect fit.

Digital Radiography

This technology uses very few X-rays and is very safe. It does not present any danger to your body.

Conscious Sedation

Our operating room is equipped with MEOPA: a gas with a sedative effect that ensures comfort while keeping you conscious.
This technique restores confidence to our most fearful patients.

Tooth Whitening

We can whiten your teeth in a single 20-minute application using the monochromatic lamp.

Hyaluronic Acid (HAA)

With age, the skin becomes dehydrated and thinner and wrinkles appear on the face.
An almost painless injection under the wrinkle makes it disappear.

Fast facts...

operating rooms
operating block
prosthesis lab
patients per month

A prosthesis laboratory
on site

The laboratory is equipped with CAD/CAM (Computer Aided Design and Manufacturing).
This new technology allows us to manufacture your prostheses in the best conditions, both in terms of time and precision. This includes inlays, onlays, crowns, bridges and removable prostheses.
You will have the certainty that your prosthesis will be carried out according to your desire and in the rules of art.
Moreover, our prostheses are guaranteed.

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