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Orthodontic care

We correct bad posture of the jaws and teeth.

Short overview of orthodontics

Orthodontics is the art of straightening teeth and placing them in a functional and aesthetic position.

If having a beautiful smile remains the main motivation to undertake orthodontic treatment, more and more French people are becoming aware of the benefits in terms of oral health.

Orthodontics is not only about realigning the teeth and jaws, it is also about contributing to the patient's well-being, ensuring the optimization of the three functions of the mouth (chewing, swallowing and phonation).

One French person out of two is concerned by orthodontics. Aesthetics and oral health are the two main motivations.


Dental Implants

If you have lost one or more teeth to periodontal disease or injury, the Cabinet Dentaire des Caraïbes can help. Our dental implants are placed using advanced 3D x-ray and computer manufacturing technology.

A missing tooth is not only the crown but also the root. Implantology is a technique that consists of replacing this missing root with a titanium implant, a metal that is very well accepted by the body. Once the artificial root is in place, all that is needed is to place the ceramic crown of a color similar to the other teeth. This tooth is functional and aesthetic.

We are at your disposal to improve your oral health

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